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Still Slow-mona? Answer this poll! + Some stuff about Friending Memes

Hi Omonian babes! As most of you might be aware, we've been conducting a little experiment to try to make loading times a little faster on the main Omona home pages. We've asked submitters to limit their content outside of the cuts to just 1 video/image/gif and 1 extra gif, and to have everything else under lj-cuts instead of just lj-spoilers. Here's the post from last week in case you missed it (sorry lurkers, it's for members' eyes only.) And here's that performance poll we said we've have:

This poll is closed.

Have you noticed a difference in loading speeds of the Omona home page?

Yes, it loads much quicker now
No, it still loads slowly for me
Omona was never really slow for me

About those Friending Memes:
We know that you guys are very eager for a Friending Meme, so to prep for it we just have a few questions for the members:

This poll is closed.

When would you prefer to have a Friending Meme

After the sexy sexy Thirst Games ends
Before the sexy sexy Thirst Games ends

Note: The Sexiest Men portion of the Thirst Games ends in about 2 weeks. So 'After' would be then.

This poll is closed.

Would you like the Friending Meme to be viewable to members only, for privacy?


If you have any requests or suggestions for questions to include in the friending meme, let us know in the comments.

As always, we are very thankful to all the people making posts, and for making our job easier by remembering to use the lj-cuts. Thank you for your time! Please leave your questions, comments, and puppy pics down below. :)
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