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[OMONA DISCUSSION] What's your favorite K-Pop concept?

Hello and welcome to the third OMONA DISCUSSION post! I know it's been a while since we've had one. I was busy stanning Lay #buylosecontrolonitunes thinking of new topics that we can talk about. If you want to talk about a certain topic next time just post it in the comment section or message me!
For reference, click here and here for the first two OMONA DISCUSSION posts.

Today, I want to talk about concepts. Concepts play a HUGE part in K-Pop. Unlike western stars, who rock the same image for years, (most) K-Pop artists like to change their looks and image every time they release a new song. You have groups that go from innocent to sexy, from boy next door to beastly emos, groups that just go completely crazy or do pole-dancing. Sometimes the concept and the song don't even have anything in common. Below is a list of my favorite concepts over the years with a short explanation. You can also go and take a look at these two articles over at soompi, where they compiled the most unique boy- and girlgrop concepts. You can also read which unique girlgroup concepts netizens like the most over at koreaboo.

TOP 5 CONCEPTS (in no particular order)

Military concept for Genie by SNSD

Why I like it: I personally think that Genie was their prettiest concept. The outfits, the hair, the dance, the MV(s) - they all looked gorgeous during that era. It was sexy but not too sexy and appropriated for their age at that time.

80s concept for I Feel You by Wonder Girls

Why I like it: I'm not a huge fan of the song, but the whole retro concept was well done. The song sounds straight outta the 80s, same goes for the outfits and the MV.

Kill Bill concept for Kill Bill by BEG

Why I like it: Again, the whole Kill Bill theme was well made and went like a golden thread through the MV, the performances and the teaser pics. I also like how they basically recreated the whole movie into a 7:30 min long music video.

Alternate Universe/Celestial power concept for Mama by EXO
(posting the chinese version because we all know that M is the superior group)

Why I like it: The MV did a great job of portraying each members' celestial power, a concept that K-Pop hadn't seen before.

Emo concept for Heartbeat by 2PM

Why I like it: Eventhough I personally think that the hair and the outfits were... nagl, the whole emo concept was something different from their previous fun and beastly men image. The concept suits the theme of the song, and the dance (the pyramid) is still iconic.

Now tell me, OMONA: What's your favorite K-Pop concept? Link your faves down below!

sources: soompi 1 & 2, sment yt, smtown yt, 1thek yt, jypentertainment yt, 2pm yt, memegenerator (i made that one), koreaboo
Tags: !omona exclusive, 2pm, brown eyed girls, exo, girls generation, music video, omona discussion, wonder girls
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