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Back in September, the 16 girls who were chosen for iDOLM@STER.KR were reduced to 10 and debuted on several music shows as RGP (Real Girl's Project) with the debut digital single "Dream", these girls will also serve as the drama's cast, airing in 2017.

The line-up consists of:

- Mint (ex-Tiny G, currently a solo artist, Official Color: Mint)
- Suji (Halla; ex-The Arc, Music K trainee, Official Color: Purple)
- Jane (ex-The Arc, Music K trainee, Official Color: Yellow)
- Sori (member of CocoSori, Official Color: Coral)
- Yukika (Japanese voice actress, Official Color: Orange)
- Haseo (Official Color: Blue)
- Jiwon (Official Color: Pink)
- HanaByeol* (Official Color: Dark Purple)
- Yeeun (Official Color: Light Green)
- Youngjoo (ex-The SeeYa, Official Color: Red)

*She was subbed in some performances with Yeseul (ex-Wings, part of the original 16 member line-up) due to a leg injury.

However, as of Oct. 12, she was replaced with Jiseul (ex-YG trainee, not one of the original members or 37 auditionnees) as a result of the injury.

As for the girls who were cut from the original 16, they will also star in the drama with unknown roles. For those of us outside South Korea, the drama will be simulcast on Amazon Prime in 2017 as the streaming service's first Korean drama (no word if it'll be dubbed [lol] or subtitled).

In other cast news, actor Sung Hoon was cast as the Producer, who'll work hard to make sure the girls succeed in their dreams of being an idol. Meanwhile, actor Park Chul-min was cast as the company's boss.

To finish off this whole mess, here's Real Girls Project performing Dream.

[Bonus: The girls in Halloween (they'll be giving out candy in Hongdae) costumes chosen by fans on instagram]

Sources: AnimeNewsNetwork, IMAS.KR instagram, IMAS.KR official Twitter: 1 & 2, iNews24, Naver, (the ever offline) idolmaster-kr official site

Honestly, this whole drama is a literal mess from the auditions to the pre-production (it was originally supposed to start airing back in Sept.) but I'm still curious how they'll adapt the series into a Korean drama.
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