do the necronomicon (byeolbyeol) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
do the necronomicon

jonghyun messes up. apologizes. rinse, repeat, etc.

there's more tweets that weren't translated but they basically said that he wanted to be the first one to bring light to it because the concert "has his name on it", rather than sm, etc. and that he's going to prevent anything else from happening during the remaining concerts. tl;dr: this was brought to his attention because of k-shawols, not i-fans so props to them for calling him out when it was needed.


source: @0718_shinee ■ @realjonghyun90 (i / ii / iii / iv / v / vi / vii) ■ shineetalks

what people should learn from this: don't put your idols up on a pedestal (even though i never did), don't insist that koreans aren't aware of when their idols do something insensitive to another culture (because they were the reason jonghyun apologized), and idols DO see when people try to reach out to them to correct them when they're wrong. op, aka: admin of fyjjong has a stress headache right now and probably is gonna have shawols at her throat but i don't make excuses when my biases mess up!!!! i didn't make excuses for minho / onew's racist ass macarena performance and i won't for this either.
Tags: cultural insensitivity / racism, jonghyun, oppa / unnie didn't mean it
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