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Society Game - Ep. 7 [Eng]

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Episode 7: Part 1 | Part 2

‘Society Game’ made by ‘The Genius’ director. A mock society game show will unfold in a controlled village environment over 14 days between 22 contestants. If you complete the challenges given to you and survive until the end, $100,000 will be yours. Join the special survival game about ‘society’ and ‘leaders’.


[Spoiler (click to open)]
EP 01 ENG SUB 1 / 2 BTS 1 / 2 RATING: 1.26 %
EP 02 ENG SUB 1 / 2 BTS 1 / 2 RATING: 1.14 %
EP 03 ENG SUB 1 / 2 BTS 1 / 2 RATING: 0.83 %
EP 04 ENG SUB 1 / 2 BTS 1 / 2 RATING: 0.71 %
EP 05 ENG SUB 1 / 2 BTS 1 / 2 RATING: 0.85 %
EP 06 ENG SUB 1 / 2 BTS 1 / 2 RATING: 0.74 %
EP 07 ENG SUB 1 / 2 BTS 1 / 2 RATING: 0.61 %



[Spoiler (click to open)]


[Spoiler (click to open)]

Park Hael, Lim Donghwan


[Spoiler (click to open)]
Kwon Asol / Road FC Fighter / 31
Education: Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Management Dropout
Notes: 2014 Road FC Lightweight Champion

“The man with loyalty as strong as his fists!”

Hwang Insun / Singer/ 30
Education: Sungkyunkwan University Dance Graduate /
Sungkyunkwan University Dance Masters Graduate

“Icon of survival!
The ultimate lovable survivor, Auntie Hwang!”

Pharoh / Rapper / 32
Education: Kyonggi University Sports Management Graduate

“Rapper with a strong mentality who doesn’t know how to quit!”

Hyun Kyungryul / Startup Director / 32
Education: Seoul National University Computer Science PhD

“The tenacious man with a perceptive intuition
and strong competitive spirit!”

Macho Yoon / Maxim Editor / 30
Education: Seoul Mode Fashion Institute Business Graduate

“Pure macho man who professes to speak for Korean men!”

Hong Sahyuk / Doctor & Rapper / 30
Education: SNU Medical School PhD Student
Position: SNU Hospital’s Top Plastic Surgery Resident
Notes: Released album in 2016 (Stage name: D.Hong)

“A strategic mind!
The doctor rapper who does soul and hip hop!”

Lim Donghwan / Phone Developer / 30
Education: Yonsei University Mechanical Engineering Graduate
Notes: Reached finals of 2014 Cool Guy Contest

“Specs, looks, manners and wit! The true cool guy who has everything!”

Steven Lee / Preparing Business / 29
Education: Education: University of California, Riverside Management Graduate /
Yonsei University Management Masters Graduate

“The unexpected charisma to overwhelm others
with his sharp gaze!”

Hanbyul / Singer / 27
Education: University of Queensland Dentistry Dropout

“Fluent in 4 languages! The unpredictable 4-dimensional brain!”

MJ Kim / MMA Fighter / 26

“Superior Hardware!
The girl crush fighter with a fiery competitive spirit!”

Jung Injik / Student / 26
Education: SNU Physical Education Student
Notes: Seoul National University Basketball Player

“The competitive spirit who pursues faith and justice!”

Lee Haesung / Student / 25
Education: Seoul National University Management Student

“A high-flyer who chases victory with quick judgment
and incredible speaking skills!”

Park Hael / Student / 24
Education: Korea University International Affairs Student

“A strong survival instinct hidden behind an innocent face!
The determined spirit with unexpected charms!”

Park Seohyun / Student / 22
Education: Yonsei University Music Composition Student

“The daring player who charmed everyone!
The cute and reckless sexy brained woman!”

Chae Jiwon / Student / 21
Education: POSTECH Industrial & Management Systems Engineering Student

The strong maknae who says what’s on her mind!”

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What are your thoughts for this episode? Was the elimination justified?
[Spoiler (click to open)]You only learn to appreciate Lim Donghwan when you watch his BTS clips (1 2 3). Ade to the only guy, who thought he was in summer camp.
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