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EXID's Solji diagnosed with hyperthyroidism

Statement from the company:

Hello, this is BANANA Culture Entertainment.

EXID's member Solji was diagnosed with ‘Hyperthyroidism’
Solji has recently showed signs of fever, protrusion of the eyeballs and etc, and she immediately gone through thorough examination.
As a result she was diagnosed with 'Hyperthyroidism'.

’Hyperthyroidism‘ is a disease which the hormone (T3 and T4) secrete excessively due to certain reasons, and result in thyrotoxicosis. (Source : Seoul National University Hospital)

Our company had a thorough discussion about the further schedule with Solji, and we came to a conclusion that she should recover first.
Therefore she will rest for a while for the treatment. Rest of the member of EXID except Solji will participate at year-end music awards.
We know how Solji has contributed to the team, we will do our best to support her to be in best condition again.

We are sorry to worry you. We thank all you fans for the support you gave us.

BANANA Culture Entertainment

Banana Culture Ent
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