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In a shocking turn of events, this years top five looked vastly different from the one last year with 4 out of 5 being new competitors. We say goodbye to Gain as OMONA's beloved queen and we welcome a younger queen to the throne.

5. Sunmi

Although she was mysteriously left out of the competition last year, Sunmi easily proved her weight in the competition this time around by winning out a tough and tight revival round. In the final five, she only managed to secure the fifth spot.

4. Jaekyung

While definitely not a newbie to the competition (having made it to the second round last year too) Jaekyung has advanced all the way to the final after beating out popular idols like Seulgi or Seolhyun. Maybe 2017 will be her year!

3. Yubin

The second Wonder Girls member in the final, the veteran idol was a big favourite for the throne and her sexiness was definitely not underestimated, easily handing her the third place.

2. Hyosung

The battle for the second place was a tight one, but in the end Hyosung snatched up the second place by a mere one vote difference. Hyosung had no easy matchups in this competition, but no doubt her overflowing sexiness, charisma and arysthaeniru impeccable campaign posts helped get her here.

1. Nana

Nana has always been OMONA's sweetheart and she has once again proved her power by not only being the only one out of last year's top 5 to return, but she also rose up from the third spot to become the community's new queen.

(i couldn't find a pic of her wearing a crown to keep the usual winner theme)

finally posting this merry christmas guys!
it would be helpful to hear any suggestions for what to do with this comp, if it's gonna happen again next year, to help keep it interesting and maybe shorter...
some things to consider: format, the number of nominees that make it through (64 rn / 4 groups), the number of posts, the time allocated, whether or not to ban more people from being nominated. tyfyt!
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