1:20 am - 12/29/2016

K-Popstar 6 - Ep 6 [Eng]

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5th Group Unique Vocalists


  1. Song Yoo Jin

  2. Kim Bo Mi

  3. Lee Seo Jin

  4. Ki Da On

  5. Seo Myeong Seong

  6. Lee Yoon Ji

6th Group Small Bean Bullets (kids group)


[Kim Jong Seob - Destiny (self-written) + dancing to Take You Down (by Chris Brown)]

Kim Jong Seob is 11 years old and surprised the judges with his self-written rap in the first round. His parents are dancers.


[Lee Ga Do - Domino (by Jessie J)]

Lee Ga Do is 10 years old. She was chosen as most likely to rank Noh.1 in her group.


[Park Hyun Shin - The Day We Broke Up (by Kim Gun Mo) + dancing to Wait For A Minute (by Tyga ft. Justin Bieber)]

Park Hyun Shin is 11 years old. He rapped in the 1st round, but was told by JYP to sing for the next round. His song choice is him breaking up with rap. (cutie)


[Hong Jungmin - Marry U (by Bruno Mars)]

Hong Jungmin is 12 years old.


[Han Byeol - Lullaby of Birdland (by Ella Fitzgerald) + dancing to Me Too (by Meghan Trainor)]

Han Byeol is 10 years old and one of YG's favourite contestants from Round 1, where she got high praises for her dancing.


  1. Park Hyun Shin

  2. Kim Jong Seob

  3. Han Byeol

  4. Lee Ga Do

  5. Hong Jung Min


Next week, the team challenge "Survival Mission" will start!

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What are your favorite performances this week? This episode felt a bit slow to me, because they only showed the kids group. (It was also shorter than the other episodes). But next week, my favorite part of the show begins: The contestants will get teamed up :D
(no subject) - Anonymous
donaldjdrumpf 29th-Dec-2016 04:57 am (UTC)
I really enjoyed this ep bc what is there not to like about kids especially very talented ones

Literally everything.
annayism 29th-Dec-2016 05:06 am (UTC)
yg's boner for every half- or non-korean contestant is creepy af

i love kim jong seob he really has a knack for dancing and his rapping is great.
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