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2009 Debuts Where Are They Now Pt.1

[Brand New Day - Survivable]

They debuted early 2009 and release a few singles in 2009 and were inactive afterwards. Member Soo Ah debuted as a trot singer under the name Geum Dan Bi under a different company. She last released music in 2014 and was a honarary ambassador for the Blue Cross [medicial volunteer organization in Korea] in 2015.

[Dia - Another Boy]

Released a number of singles and collaboration singles from 2009 until 2012. In 2014 she debuted with Kiss&Cry who released two singles before the group went on hiatus after member Hae Na left the company.

[Pink Heart - Shubie]

Debuted under the same agency as Xing. Got into a scandal even before their debut for 'stealing' SNSD's pink heart for their label. Only ever released this single (couldn't find any MV for it). Apparently member Won Hee was filming a movie with a Xing member in 2010 but I couldn't find the movie so maybe it got scrapped. Another member Seo Jin danced with Kahi (After School) on Star King in 2010.

[After School - Ah]

Promoted reguarly until thier last single 2013 'First Love', numerous member changes have occured along the way. Sub-unit Orange Caramel has been more active in recent years. Numerous OMONA members pray for their comeback although signs don't look good.

[Taegoon - Call Me]

Taegoon blew up in 2009 but was stopped promoting by the end of the year. Although an official reason was never released most people assumed he was the person in a blind item about a singer detained on drugs charges in 2010.

[Honey Boys - 4th Hitter]

Only released this single then the two members re-debuted with another member to form the trio ToA (Top of Asia) in 2010. ToA only seemed to have only promoted one single.

[Jumper - Yes]

Only released two singles before disbanding. Member Rocky later debuted with 100% in 2012 under the name Rockhyun. The rapper Dong Min apparently went to the army after the band's disbandment.

[Sori - Red Lips]

Released a few singles in 2009 and 2010. At the end of 2010 she was a guest on Invincible Youth. Her last activity was releasing two singles in 2013.

[Someday - Do You Know]

Sung an OST for Boys over Flowers. Released another single later in 2009 and that's all I could find.

[Haan Yeah Soul - NO.0]

Couldn't find much about her.

[Chung Lim - Step]

He had a few songs in 2009 2010. He was originally an actor but his last project was in 2010~2011.

[NACO - My Girl]

Couldn't find much.

[AJ - Dancing Shoes]

Released one mini album before going onto debut with Beast later in the year.

[Again - 603]

Once again not much info.

[2NE1 - Fire]

I think everyone knows their story...

[Han Una - Mannequin]

Apparently she originally debuted as a actress, that's all I could find.

[Devil & Angel - Bad Girl]

Only ever released this song.

Started on 2009 this time.
Edit: Fixed typos.

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Tags: 2ne1, after school, chung lim, dia, highlight, old school, taegoon

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