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Boy groups have disappeared off the digital charts?

First song per month at all platforms

Click on the pic to see it clearly at full size

Article: Where have all the boy groups gone?

Source: Korea Ilbo via Naver

# of boy group songs in the top 20 annual charts
2011: B2ST, Big Bang, CNBLUE
2013: EXO
2016: 0

Also lists factors like boy groups focusing more on overseas activities while girl groups like Twice and Girlfriend are dominating the domestic market.

2016 top 10 digital songs on Gaon: Twice, MC the Max, Girlfriend, Davichi, Urban Zakapa, Zico, Gummy, Han Dong Geun, Leejuck, Twice

1. [+3,103, -304] Big Bang and B2ST have a lot of good songs though

2. [+2,605, -259] You think the public will care or listen to a song with immature lyrics like "I'm so damn cool I'm going to make you my woman" ?

3. [+2,166, -138] Sure I'd listen to boy groups if they had good songs... but they're usually more focused on dance music. Need more variety.

4. [+2,093, -311] There has never been a case where a boy group did well digitally other than Big Bang anyway

5. [+441, -43] Big Bang and B2ST get a lot of crap for not dancing in their performances but that actually gives them more freedom than having to stick to idol music. I like that Big Bang's hip hop and B2ST's ballad sides.

6. [+475, -55] On the flip side, girl groups suffer in their live performances whereas boy groups are better at lives and even write and compose their own songs

7. [+316, -11] Too many idols overall..

8. [+311, -23] It's because boy groups aren't like girl groups where you can shoot to fame overnight... but once they do make it, their influence is incomparable to girl groups and their expiration date is a lot longer too

9. [+289, -16] Because men will be attracted to girl groups if they're pretty but show no interest in boy groups at all... whereas women will like both girl and boy groups. Big Bang is the exception because they have a lot of male fans too.

10. [+373, -46] Male idols are usually a lot more talented than female idols. Not only can they rap but write and compose music too. Girl groups can get away with being average in skill as long as they have the face and body to pull in popularity.

11. [+262, -29] But the thing groups like Big Bang, B2ST, and Block B have in common is that they don't just sing whatever song their company gives them, they compose it themselves. It sets them apart from other boy groups.

12. [+138, -4] Men will jump to the next pretty girl group as soon as they see one... most male fans are temporary fans. Women, however, stick to one group... The reason girl group popularity never lasts long is because of male fans. Girl groups with long lasting fandoms is because they have a lot of female fans.

13. [+177, -20] Streaming sites getting rid of multiple streams since October 2015 has a lot to do with it too. Male idols with strong fandoms have gotten weaker on the digital charts since then whereas Big Bang is still going strong.

14. [+225, -39] I don't listen to boy group songs other than Big Bang or B2ST ㅋㅋ They all have the same love songs with the same lyrics

15. [+123, -6] I actually find girl group songs worse than boy group songs though... they're such a commercialized product and all they do is dance to immature lyrics... basically a high school talent show. At least boy groups have names to be proud of like Big Bang, B2ST, Block B, or SHINee.

iChart Top 3 per week

Source: naver, netizenbuzz, KoreanCharts (2)

I wanted to use this post to add a bit of info about the charts for the past year and I thought it would also be a good way to start a discussion about what it means to "do good" for boy groups and girl groups
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