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Limitless track by track:
Limitless: An addictive urban R&B song featuring unique rap and vocal styles of NCT 127. Lyrics contains NCT’s ambition and identity of infinity and expendability.
Good Thing: The theme of this song is breaking free of the crowded city of every day life through music.
Back 2 U (01:27AM): The touching vocals and intense rap of the NCT members stand out the most in this song.
Baby don't like it: Impressive hip-hop song with metaphorical lyrics about falling in love with a woman with deadly charms.
롤러코스터(Heartbreaker): An EDM pop song with witty lyrics about a crush that feels like a rollercoaster
Angel: A sweet medium tempo song about a guy comically falling in love at first sight.

NCT will have their first comeback stage on Thursday Jan 5, at M Countdown.

source: smtown, nct127.smtown, nct insta, rough trans by me from vyrl

Limitless Navigation
⚠️ Individual teasers: Haechan // Mark // Taeyong // Doyoung // Yuta // Taeil // Winwin // Jaehyun
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