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INFINITE's Sungyeol casted as Main Lead in a drama!

INFINITE’s Sungyeol will be starring as the main lead in a one-act drama named “Temporary Cold Case Task Force” (tentative title) with newcomer Lee Ye Hyun.

“Temporary Cold Case Task Force” is about an intern detective and an intern journalist who solve cold cases through their extraordinary skills and will. The drama aims to convey a message of hope and happiness to young viewers, and consolation to families of cold case victims. It will incorporate elements of fantasy and mystery.

Sungyeol will be taking the role of Oh Kyun Sik, who is gifted with a special ability that makes him suitable as a detective. Though he dreams of becoming a police officer, severe dyslexia proves to be a critical obstacle to his dreams. Then, one day he ends up catching a robber and becomes Korea’s first intern detective.

The female lead Lee Min Joo, played by Lee Ye Hyun, is a former soccer player who had to quit playing soccer after a terrible accident. She even loses her new job as an intern sports journalist because of her poor writing skills. That’s when she meets Oh Kyun Sik by coincidence, and together they discover a huge scoop that changes their lives.

“Temporary Cold Case Task Force” will begin filming in the beginning of January and is expected to air some time during the first half of this year.

credits: soompi, naver

yeeeeessssss get that won baby Yeollie
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