daikokudanji (daikokudanji) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

DGNA's Hyunmin opens a youtube channel!

The owner of the most sexy and huskiest voice in the world has open a youtube channel! DGNA's Hyunmin decided to bless the world by posting covers and original songs on his channel~
Here is a video of him and Jay singing to HomeAlone, an original song composed by Hyunmin himself and performed in one of the DGNA's Christmas Parties ❤

credits: MPM channel 1, 2

I was so late with this post haha, BUT YO HAVE YOU ALREADY VOTED FOR DGNA??? If not don't forget to check it out the Your Year in Entertainment award, they are in the best overseas activities!!! Vote talent, vote nugu, vote dgna!!1!!one!!!
Tags: social media/youtube

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