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VIXX’s Ravi Is Chilling With CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa In “Home Alone” pre-release MV

<lj-cut> VIXX Ravi's Interview regarding "Home Alone"
Q. What kind of song is ‘Home Alone’?
“’Home Alone’ is the song that I’ve been preparing for a long time. It’s a bright and exciting song with an acoustic sound. It shows the story of the two lovers who are having difficulties as they can’t meet each other due to their busy life. The melody is relaxing to hear and everyone can agree to the lyrics. I hope this song would be a song that can be listened to anywhere and any place.”
Q. Jung Yong Hwa featured in ‘Home Alone’. How did it start?
“When I thought about the best voice for ‘Home Alone’, Jung Yong Hwa came to my mind! So I made a call to him and he accepted it without hesitation! That’s how it started.”
Q. Were there some special episodes during the production?
“Actually, I worried whether i may request him to do this way and that way while doing the directing. I told this problem to Jung Yong Hwa but he said that I should lead the recording as this is my song. His words came deep into me and I was able to share thoughts with him feely and go on with the recording.”
Q. Share your thoughts for Jung Yong Hwa who participated in your song!
“Jung Yong Hwa♥ Thank you so much♥♥ I love you♥♥♥ ‘Home Alone’ became one of R.EAL1ZE, just as I imagined of, because of you! Thank you♥♥♥♥”
Vixx Ravi mentions his relation with Jung Yonghwa on his Vlive:
Yonghwa helped me with this song. Was it "I'm ready to get hurt"? when our promo overlapped, hyung was very nice to me and we got a bit acquainted. Now a long time has passed, is it three years? He's a hyung I really like, and someone I respect a lot musically. I thought he would go very well with this music, and gave him a call. Thankfully, after listening to the song, he said right away that it's good. I'm really thankful. He was already filming a drama at the time, but he readily said let's arrange our time and do this. When I talked to him about this and that, he said "if you're gonna do it, you should do it right." I was wondering if I may dare "direct" him during the recording, and he said "it's your song, you have to like it as the composer. Of course you have to direct it." It made me much more comfortable to give him my opinion. It was fun and comfortable. He really worked hard and did a good job. Thanks to him, the end product came out nice. </lj-cut>
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