12:08 pm - 01/06/2017

Hold your knickers, omona! Teasers for Monsta X-RAY Wonho & Minhyuk ver.

I could only find the full video with all three of them so still, enjoy <3

Monsta X's VLive, Yume Kim, Changkyunie Jam

jrt131n 7th-Jan-2017 12:16 am (UTC)
I don't understand why I am so attracted to Wonho is so odd looking and yet....here I am wanting to see his tiddies......I mean really his teaser could have used more tiddies...

Shownu is such an awkward person. Adorable looking, I could imagine that he was probably one of the cutest babies ever, but still awkward and adorable.

Minhyuk was fine....it weird for me seeing him try to act like this since I'm use to his bright personality. But he look good.
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