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BIGBANG to unveil new characters this weekend

Hi I'm Shu, aka GD's pet.
I am originally a cat goblin but happen to be in a shoe.
And I am known to be a master of robbery so watch out until dawn!

Hi I'm Bubi, aka Taeyang's pet.
I am originally a bulldog goblin but now in sunglasses.
My role is to look out for humans when others are doing their parts on robbing.

Hi I'm Pai, aka Seungri's pet.
I am originally a panda goblin but happen to be in a cap.
I am bit slow and lazy so may get caught easily,
but I’m pretty sure that I am a panda not a sloth!

Hi I'm Dru, aka Daesung's pet.
I am originally a fennec fox goblin but decided to hide myself in a drum.
Stolen goods are found in side of me,
my fellow goblins must've see me as a locker.

Hi I'm Chacha, aka T.O.P's pet.
I am originally a unicorn goblin, but now I'm in a chair of all things.
If only T.O.P could move out of this building,
we won't have to worry about getting caught.

Most likely new merch, but so damn cute!

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& Go Blings Instagram
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