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Four young actors to keep an eye on in 2017!

1. Gong Myung
Gong Myung made his first appearance in a drama in 2013, Gong Myung has since starred in numerous dramas, movies and miniseries.
His acting skills improved during filming the movies "If you were me", "A girl at my door", Futureless things", & "Su saek",  and has broaden his horizons with the historical drama "Splendid Politics", in the TV drama "Beautiful you", and in the miniseries "Entertainer".
In the 2016 drama "Drinking alone" he made the audience relate to his struggles of life and love.

He is currently a member of the tv-show "We Got Married" together with Jung Hye-sung. We look forward to see what he will do in 2017.

2. Nam Joo Hyuk
Next on our list is the actor that had his breakthrough in the 2016 drama "Cheese in the trap", Nam Joo Hyuk. He soon appeared on the tv-shows "Celebrity Bromance" with Jisoo, and in "Three meals a day". Joo Hyuk then starred in the drama "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo" followed by the currently airing drama "Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo".

In "Moon Lovers" he not only showed off his charms, he also showed his chemistry with SNSD's Seohyun.
Together with Lee Sung Kyung he is perfectly portraying the ups and downs of young love in "Weightlifting Fairy".

3. Lee Won Geun
In "Cheer up!", the slender and handsome Lee Won Geun amazed the audience with his acting. In "The Good Wife" he impressed with the portrayal of the newly hired lawyer Lee Joon Ho, and in the movie "The Net" he kept up with Korea's top actor Ryoo Seung-bum.
He was also a part of the tv-show "Celebrity Bromance" together with VIXX's N.
He is currently starring in 3 movies slotted for 2017; "Female Teacher", "In Between Seasons" and "Your Name Is Jang-mi".

4. Lee Taehwan
A member of the same group as Gong Myung (5urprise), Lee Taehwan was kept busy with both movies and other jobs in 2015.
In "Su Saek" he showed of his attention to detail when portraying his character but also his strength in powerful scenes.

In the drama "W" he made his name known to the public by portraying lead actor Lee Jong Suk's bodyguard. He is currently starring in the weekend drama "Father, I'll Take Care of You" where he's gaining attention from female fans with his diverse acting.
- - - - -

These four actors are our top choices for actors to keep an eye out for in 2017. They have already showed that they have what it takes to get even more popular, so we are looking forward to any and all project they do this year.

Source: Sedaily
Translation: Me

I hope I did a sufficient enough work with the translation, but for parts I didn't understand I either skipped or got help from Google.
Who's on your "to watch"-list Omona?
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