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Ailee to make US debut under new stage name?

On January 7, a U.S.-based news outlet reported that WestSide Entertainment, a music label and management agency in Los Angeles, will be launching a new artist named A.Leean.

This new artist is Ailee, making her U.S. debut in 2017 after establishing herself as a successful solo singer in South Korea. Ailee grew up in the United States and moved to South Korea in 2010 for her music career.

However, the news outlet does not explicitly mention Ailee by name, stating only that “A.Leean” already has a large fanbase and has performed at concerts all around the world, including South Korea.

A source from A.Leean’s side stated, “[They would like their] artist’s breathtaking voice, talent and up-beat fun song to speak for itself, rather than her already established name and brand.”

f(x)’s Amber, a close friend of Ailee, posted about A.Leean on her personal Instagram, uploading a picture of the official promo and writing “This gonna be fire.”

The single is titled “Fall Back” and will be released on January 7 on iTunes, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, and radio stations. An official lyric music video will be released on January 11.

Source: Soompi via Yahoo, ajol_llama instagram

That stage name is so 2000 and late but I hope she does well - looking forward to hearing her new single!
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