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Your daily dose of AOA

Music core comeback stage

BTS picture for Excuse me

Excuse me: BTS (angel cam 47)

AOA takes their comeback to the stage + reveals they're not hung up over chart performance
Article: 'M! Countdown' AOA unveils double title track stage... charms 'doubled' too

1. [+544, -51] This album's another flop... not even on the charts anymore..

2. [+526, -53] They've already been kicked off the charts...

3. [+494, -50] Song's so bad...;;;

4. [+39, -8] I really like AOA but their new song is so bad, who made it.. just so, so bad

5. [+33, -6] Song's bad, go back in

6. [+27, -5] Seolhyun's pretty but she always looks like she's from the country side, maybe because she's so dark

7. [+26, -6] I couldn't even listen to it because I never saw it on the charts;;;

8. [+26, -6] Song's so bad, they're never going to get another hit like 'Heart Attack' ㅠㅠ

9. [+20, -5] The music industry's in a state where even Big Bang is sitting at #2 because 'Infinity Challenge' is crushing everyone, no way there'd be room for a group like this...

10. [+19, -2] Their CEO needs to stop messing with their songs... Obviously their song not even being on the charts anymore is example of his skill...

Article: AOA, "We're not hung up over our digital rank, we're satisfied at being able to pull off different concepts"

1. [+5,315, -231] The song came out on the 2nd and it's #87 on Melon right now, that's just way too big of a drop...

2. [+4,333, -254] I think you should start getting hung up over it...?

3. [+3,324, -180] Han Sung Ho, please stop touching AOA's songs

4. [+3,040, -151] Guess their digital rank really is that bad

5. [+1,110, -48] Can they please stop dressing the girls in shorts that look like body shaping underwear...;;;

6. [+1,005, -55] Yeah, doesn't seem like a group that's going to last long

7. [+990, -44] Han Sung Ho ruined them. FNC needed to have delayed AOA's comeback after their history scandal by at least a few months but he forced it and then had to cause even more scandals by banning Ahn Joong Geun from their comeback chat, PPL for Toyota, that trophy on 'Music Bank', etc and now their image is just rock bottom. What's worse is that their song last comeback and this comeback are both so bad. AOA had three home runs with 'Short Skirt', 'Like a Cat', and 'Heart Attack' and now they've become a group to just avoid new releases by.

8. [+742, -32] Not sure anything about their concept has even changed

9. [+699, -37] Digital rank is everything for a singer... not sure what they should be caring about if not that

10. [+641, -28] They really think they're not doing that bad? When their comeback is an utter flop right now? They're looking at the bottom #100 and it's not bad? But then again, not like they're actually singers anyway so I guess it doesn't matter how their song actually does

11. [+584, -18] They say that now but I bet they feel bitter on the inside...

12. [+538, -21] Sure digital rank isn't everything but idols rely a ton on digital rank so I do think they should still care a bit

MBCkpop 1, 2, aoa@facebook, AOA (에이오에이), netizenbuzz, OSEN via Nate, Joy News 24 via Naver, my gif,
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