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LOOΠΔ has cost 4 million USD to produce, and haven’t debuted yet

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Debuting an idol group can cost a lot of money, but upcoming girl group LOONA (stylized as LOOΠΔ) has raised things to another level.

According to media estimates, upcoming girl group LOONA has already spent about four billion won (~$3,327,600 USD) before the group has even made their debut. In preparation for their debut, the group has filmed several teasers, filming overseas at locations in France, Japan, London, and more.

While preparing for the group’s debut, members also released individual music videos as well. So far, member Heejin’s debut had a solo song, music video and teaser. According to a music video producer who took a look at her video, he estimated that the video would have cost more than 100,000,000 won and that the posters of her at bus stops would have cost the company an additional 50,000,000 won.

People were wondering why they had so much money when they were a new group. Experts stated that this group’s pre-debut production is the biggest ever. In comparison, JYP Entertainment‘s hit girl group TWICE reportedly cost the company only 500,000,000 won. With so much investment in the group by their agency Blockberry Creative‘s parent company Ilgwang Polaris, there is a lot of anticipation for LOONA’s future releases.

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I know some users have commented about their debut cost but wow this is crazy... Someone on reddit said one of their parents owns the parent company which creates weapons for the government.
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