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The Return of Superman Ep 163

[The Present Is A Present] Ko Jiyong of Sechs Kies spends 48 hours alone with his son, Seungjae for the first time. Donggook’s family travels to Chuncheon to eat some delicious dakgalbi and watch the first sunrise of 2017. As Lee Hwijae wishes to have a third child, he visits a urology clinic to check up on his health. Soeul and Daeul take the subway by themselves to find Dad, who is waiting for them at a campsite.

First off, Seungjae is too freaking adorable and will be president of the world one day. What a great kid! Who makes lobster when babysitting toddlers wtf? Soeul is a pro at the subways now! And I'm happy to see her wishes different from what they were a couple of months ago. Daeul was right to be scared of the old dude blasting IOI from his phone. That's creepy. Rohee's back next week!

KBS World TV
Tags: return of superman

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