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The sight of KBS Studio after Music Bank ended

This picture was taken after the recording for Music Bank ended
source: kbs staff ig

The person these idols were waiting for was the PD of Music Bank. They were supposed to go to the PD's waiting room and greet them by bowing 90 degrees and shouting their groups' signature chant. That was the reason all these idols stood in lines and waited for around 30 minutes..

-What about the veteran singers..? Do they also have to wait for 30 minutes?
-I heard singers like Baek Jiyoung usually just leave without greeting the PDs..

-I can understand.. Since they have to look good in front of the PDs..

-Looking by how there were Twice and Seventeen in the pictures, I think the picture was taken recently.. But why, though..? I mean, it's not like those PDs are some kings or whatsoever.. Standing in lines for around 30minutes means that idols get more chance to see each other, I don't really like the idea of that!!

-I hope this culture will disappear as the time passes by..ㅋㅋㅋ

-PD.. This is why I dream of being a PD..

-I don't care whether if that's an obvious thing to do or not, but it doesn't look good from the Third Person Point of View.. PDs serve the idols stage for them to perform, and the idols perform on the show to raise the viewership ratings.. Don't you think that's a win-win condition..?

-That's fascinating..

-That's just like how models line up to thank the designer after a fashion show ends..

-They stand like that for around 30 minutes..?? That must be really tiring..

-I can see Pentagon and Seventeen..ㅜㅜ

-I can see my babies..

-Greeting the PDs is a good thing to do.. But I don't think it's a really nice thing to do to make them stand in lines and wait for 30 minutes..

-I seriously can't understand this..

-Ah.. It's my first time hearing about this culture..

-Whoa!! Those are the back of my babies' heads!!

-Dahyun looked so bright in that picture.. She's cute!

-Am I the only one who can't accept this whole culture..? I just can't understand it..

-I don't understand why they have to do this..

-Do they do this everyday..?

source: pannative, instiz

umm wow?? i didn't know this kind of culture exist in kpop. will kbs staff do some checklist and banned groups who didn't do the greeting to the PD? lol
Tags: culture, music bank, pentagon, seventeen, twice, wtf

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