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New updates have been revealed about Suzy’s solo debut that are raising even more anticipation for the miss A member’s venture out on her own!

It was revealed that her title track will be a song produced by Park Jin Young that will show off her feminine charms. There is a lot of anticipation for the track, since Park Jin Young is known for his guidance for many popular sexy singers, such as Uhm Jung Hwa, Park Ji Yoon, Ivy, Sunmi, and Fei.

Previously, on January 9, Suzy released some teaser videos that show a glimpse of the direction her solo debut is going. One track will be released on January 16 and on January 24, her first solo album will be released.

After debuting as a member of miss A, Suzy rose to fame in her role in the movie “Architecture 101.” She became known as the “nation’s first love” for her pure and natural beauty. As soon as news was released of her solo debut, she became surrounded by curiosity and attention towards what direction she could choose to take.

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