krys (glider) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Jun. K "no shadow" Teaser Video + 77-1X3-00 Special Album Details

On January 12, Jun. K will release a "special" Korean solo album entitled 77-1X3-00. The previously released MV for the ballad Your Wedding and the new teaser for no shadow are promos for the album; no shadow was originally released in Japan on Dec. 14 as an EP called NO SHADOW. You can watch the full MV below in Japanese (but note if you live in the U.S./select other countries it will be blocked and you'll need a browser VPN add-on to change your ISP location):

sources: jypentertainment; 2pmSMEJ; @jypnation

The tracklist still isn't out, I'm kind of annoyed by how JYPE is handling this lol ;; so short notice
Tags: comebacks, jun.k, music video, teaser

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