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K-Popstar 6 - Ep 8 [Eng]

Full Episode: ondemandkorea | kshowonline | viki (subs in process)

The Fairy and Her Lovers vs.
Bless us [...]

[The Fairy and Her Lovers - Good Lady (by Achim)]

[Bless us with your divine favors - Short Hair (by Cho Yong Pil)]

The Fairy and Her Lovers: Moon Hyung Seo, Baek Seon Nyeo, Lee Ji Hee
Bless us with your divine favors: Cho Jang Kwan, Lee Sung Eun
[Results]Moon Hyung Sae and Lee Ji Hee are eliminated.

Boyfriend vs. Burn to the Ground

[Boyfriend - Boyfriend (by Justin Bieber) + dancing to Caught Up (by Usher)]

[Burn to the Ground - U Go Girl (by Lee Hyori)]

Boyfriend: Park Hyun Jin, Kim Jong Seob
Burn to the Ground: Hong Jung Min, Han Byeol, Lee Ga Do
[Results]Hong Jung Min and Lee Ga Do are eliminated. Boyfriend will continue the show as team.

Hot Pack vs. Cake

[Hot Pack - Where U At (by Taeyang)]

[Cake - Holler (by TTS)]

Hot Pack: Go Ara, Lee Do Yoon
Cake: Jun Min Joo, Kim So Hee
[Results]Lee Do Yoon is eliminated.



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I'm glad [Spoiler (click to open)]Chrisha/Krisha/Kriesha was brought back, I want to keep seeing them on the show. And [Spoiler (click to open)]Boyfriend's dancing was amazing.
Next week, the Casting Audition (one of the judges has to cast the contestant for them to pass the round) will start, this show is flying by!
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