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[OMONA DISCUSSION] Kpop Idols Turned into Internet Personalities : Yes Or No?

Netizen who originally shared this post on Pann tried to pity Luna for having her own channel but why making fun of her for joining a trend many others idols follow too .... double standars much?

This channel isnt new for those who follow F(x) but when this op made post titled "Look guys Luna is a Youtuber" sounds like to try to make fun about something very important for fandoms those days: Idols producing original content

1. [+277, -1] It's not like she's doing it on her own because she doesn't have work. It's co-produced by SM and CJ E&M. There are 26 categories from A to Z and there's a new video every week. It's like OnStyle on Youtube, basically showing a TV show on Youtube. It's not something to pity, it's her fixed schedule.

2. [+86, -10] Hul??? Did SM allow it???

3. [+82, -412] I actually pity her...

4. [+39, -1] Luna had also collaborated with a Youtuber SK Couple and sang together... Interesting.

5. [+38, -0] Whether she's on Youtube or V app, it's her choice. Why are you guys pitying her?

6. [+335, -0] The video quality is at the level of the broadcast ㅋㅋ It's just on Youtube.

7. [+34, -0] Luna is talented in singing. Although she's not as popular as pretty kids like Sulli and Krystal, she does a lot of things including OST, singing shows, featuring, and digital releases. She also has a good character so she'll always be loved even if she doesn't hit big.

8. [+31, -1] She started her channel to communicate with her fans. It's similar to using V app. Why are you guys making fun of it?

Luna channel, like other netizens point out, its a co-production between SM and CJ E&M for InStyle ... by watching her videos you can guess she isn't the one making all post-production but this doesnt make them any less interesting.

We have seen other idols creating exclusive content for diferent sites like soundcloud or youtube:


BtoB Penial

Infinite Hoya

(This is without including other idols that created youtube accounts to post just once)

EXO Chanyeol




I listed just a couple but i'm sure we will see more idols joining this trend
Omona, Which idol do you think it would make a good youtuber?

Source: Pann via kpopkfans, Whatthepineapple, POV, 루나의 알파벳 Luna's Alphabet, South_club, realpcysc, Deff_xxx, Bangtan, REALHOYA
Tags: btob, infinite, luna, netizens, omona discussion, social media/youtube

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