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BTS Preparing To Milk More of Your Manhi!

BTS will soon be following up on their massive hit album “WINGS” with a new release!

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On January 11, it was reported that BTS is currently working with the goal of releasing an extension to their recent “WINGS” album this February.
In response, the group’s agency Big Hit Entertainment has told several news outlets that BTS is preparing a new release that’s planned for February,
however they have stated that the specific date has not been decided on yet.

A source from Big Hit Entertainment confirmed with news outlet Ilgan Sports that the release will be an extension to “WINGS.” In addition, Big Hit
Entertainment has stated that there have been no decisions made yet about music show promotions for this release.

Fans have already begun theorizing about the group’s next comeback after BTS’s performance at the KBS Song Festival on December 29
featured the “WINGS” logo transforming into a new symbol, as well as the title “WINGS” and the text “You never walk alone.”

You never walk alone? What does it mean?
Hope thats better Mods >3

Source: Soompi || Osen || isplus
are you ready for more from the bulletproff boyscouts?

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