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Kim Jaejoong – “The Story of Military Service that Oppa Tells You” (Subbed)


Kim Junsu to release, ahead of his military enlistment, a duet song with Lim Chang-jung

Singer-and-musical-actor Kim Junsu will be releasing a duet song with senior Lim Chang-jung.

According to a representative in the industry recently, Kim Junsu is in the middle of preparing for an album ahead of his enlistment less than a month away. Among the included songs, Kim Junsu has a song sung together with Lim Chang-jung, too. It is expected to cause interests in listening to it as the harmony of a vocal with a completely different color.

This album is a gift for fans who will be waiting for him during the term of his military service. Since previously JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and Park Yuchun had both released albums for fans immediately after their enlistments; this is also heating up fans’ anticipations for Kim Junsu’s album.

Kim Junsu will be entering into an army training center on February 9th.

Translated by: rilanna of JYJ3n jyj 3, 1, 2, TV Report via Naver, C-JeS vlive, joongies
Tags: army, collaboration, jaejoong, xia / kim junsu

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