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Lee Jun Ki and Kim Ah Joong in talks for Korean remake of "Criminal Minds"

Lee Joon Gi and Kim Ah Joong might be starring in a new drama together.

On January 11, media reports revealed that Lee Joon Gi and Kim Ah Joong were considering the Korean remake of the popular American TV show “Criminal Minds” as their next project. Both agencies of the respective actors promptly confirmed the news.

Lee Joon Gi’s agency, Namoo Actors, revealed, “It’s true that Lee Joon Gi received an offer for ‘Criminal Minds.’ He’s currently examining the project.” Kim Ah Joong’s agency stated that the actress received an offer and was looking over the project as well.

Meanwhile, the CBS show “Criminal Minds” first aired in 2005, and is currently on its 12th season. The show is set for a Korean remake and will be broadcast by KBS. The Korean version will be starting production sometime during the spring of 2017.

Are you excited for the remake?

source: soompi, stoo.asiae, tenasia, naver

Omona, are you looking forward to watch Lee Jun Ki chase criminals instead of a throne?

The production company behind IRIS and Athena is producing the remake. It's going to be pre-produced and aired on KBS. I'm just glad that his potential leading lady has acting experience and doesn't look like his younger sister like in his last two dramas.
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