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Father, I'll Take Care Of You Ep 1 - 17 Discussion Post

Synopsis: After their 4 children become independent, an old couple decide to live for themselves. One day, their 4 children come back to them.

Cast: Kim Jae Won, Park Eun Bin (Our Age Of Youth BBY!), Lee Soo Kyung, Lee Tae Hwan, Kim Yong Rim, Na Moon Hee, Kim Chang Wan, Kim Hye Ok, Lee Seung Joon, Hwang Dong Joo, Kim Sun Young, Shin Dong Mi, Lee Seul Bi, Jo Sun Mook
Network: MBC
Writer: Jo Jung Sun
Director: Lee Dae Young
Episodes: ?
Released: November 12, 2016 - ??
Days: Saturday & Sunday; 22:00
Watch: kissasian, thedramacool,
Sources: Asianwiki

I just started the show, I'm about 7 episodes in, and so far, I like it. I don't have a grasp of the characters just yet, but I can confidently say that I dislike Sungsik and his wife with a passion. If any of you have been watching the show and would like to discuss the newer episodes, please put the discussions behind a spoiler tag (<lj-spoiler>).

In this post, a couple of members talked about this show, and I had no idea Lee Taehwan and Park Eunbin were in it, so better late than never. I'll still update the post when the newer episodes come out, and with the way I'm going, I'll be ready for eps 18 & 19 in no time, lol.
Tags: 5urprise, actor/actress, drama, mbc

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