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Seohyun 'Don't Say No' Teasers #4 + Tracklist

Don’t Say No
Hello (ft. Eric Nam)
Lonely Love
Love & Affection
Bad Love

'Hello' is a lovely duet with Eric Nam. 'Magic' is a modern R&B song with addictive hook, with lyrics that compare falling in love with strong magic. 'Lonely Love' is a sentimental song with acoustic guitar sound. 'Love & Affection' is a song with splendid drum beat, upbeat, and powerful vocal. 'Bad Love' is a song with fascinating mood with heavy base sound and piano. 'Moonlight' is a song with lyrics that compare a smooth and warm love between lovers to the moonlight.

[Showcase info]
Seohyun is expected to have a showcase for 'Don't Say No' on January 16th @ 8pm KST. It will be livestreamed through V app and the SMTOWN Youtube.

SOURCE: SMTOWN + VYRL 1 + sports donga + @sonexjinro + TheSoneSource

i'm posting this from the afterlife in case anyone is wondering.
Tags: duet, eric nam, seohyun, solo debut, teaser

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