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Who Are the Most Anticipated Actor-Idols for 2017?

The transformation of idols into actors is remarkable. With last year’s feature works including My Annoying Brother featuring Do Kyung Soo (D.O.), The Good Wife with Nana, and Ok Taecyeon’s Let’s Fight Ghost, the performances by so-called "Actor-dols" were impressive. So, which idol performances will unfold on television and the big-screen this year?

Through the online research firm, PMI’s ‘No.1’ survey platform, Tillion, 2,000 men and women in their 20s to 50s were asked which performance they were looking forward to the most. In first place was BTOB’s Yook Sungjae with 14.3%, followed by Im Siwan (8.5%) in second place, Hyeri (7.7%) in third, Suzy (6.8%) in fourth, and Eric (6.1%) in fifth.

1st: Yook Sungjae (14.3%)
2nd: Im Siwan (8.5%)
3rd: Hyeri (7.7%)
4th: Suzy (6.8%)
5th: Eric (6.1%)

Yook Sungjae, who is currently starring in the tvN drama, Goblin, had the highest approval rating of 23.6% among people in their 20s. Im Siwan, who starred in the film, The Attorney, which drew in 10 million movie-goers, and the tvN drama, Misaeng, had the highest approval among those in their 30s, at 10.9%. Through last year’s drama, Reply 1988, Hyeri received the nation’s love, drawing in the highest approval among respondents in their 50s, at 9.1%.

The error margin of this survey is ±2.19% with a confidence level of 95%.

Source: Naver (+ translated honestly by yours truly. Let me know if there are any mistakes!)

Congrats to Omona's Favorite Idol Turned Actor™
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