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NYAN in the New Year


We were talking about a hiatus for the new year for a bit, but JOKES ON EVERYONE, my wonderful NYAN family picked up for me while I was gone and hit ya'll with a little podcasty thing. This was recorded last Friday, so please bare with us. We're working towards getting the podcast out closer to when we recorded it so it's more timely! But it takes time, we all have jobs or school and I think most of us are learning how to edit! ^_^ Enjoy, and thank you for all the love!

The episode in which we try to function without Tim. Alice and Shanna (Shalice), Nico, and Juliette talk about the trends they would like to leave in 2016 as well as a few things that have been making headlines in 2017.

Intro/Outro Song: Seventeen - Highlight
Tweet at us: @NYANetizens
Send us mail: notyouraveragenetizens@gmail.com
Follow our Tumblr: nyanpodcast.tumblr.com
Find us on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/not-y…id897976287?mt=2

Quick side bar, moving into the new year we're looking for suggestions on how we can improve and grow our podcast. So to those that listen, or those that are interested:

Are there any other platforms or changes you'd like us to make?
Would you like to see us enter the youtube platform in some way? If so what would you like to see us do? (I'm not doing reaction videos, that market is full enough I feel like)
What about think pieces and articles on our tumblr?
Should we make a real effort to try to get listen letters and questions?

Thanks for your time!

Of course you can get it from the source here.

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