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The Return of Superman Ep 164

[You Can’t Have a Rainbow Without Rain] Donggook visit a lake to see the first sunrise of the year with Seola, Sua, and Sian. Always full of energy, Seungjae exhausts Jiyong out with his dance moves. Another twin visit Seoeon and Seojun to tell them about their experience growing up as twins. The day of the finals has arrived, but Soeul is not in her best condition to sing. How will she do in the finals of the singing competition?

Rohee visits a very generous Shoo and baby SES cuteness ensues. Seungjae is super cute, but also seems super exhausting. And I lol'ed at trying to scare him with a visit to the police station. Soeul did a fine job! She also looks so adorable with that haircut and bangs, I want hugs. Donggook, please stop cracking eggs on your babies' heads.

KBS World TV 1 & 2
Tags: return of superman

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