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Is CLC DOOMED? Comeback roundup!

4minute's sister group CLC's recent comeback is being hotly contested by their very small but dedicated fanbase in Korea! Let's take a look at some of their comeback articles!

Article: "V-App" CLC MV promise: We'll release the One-take version after 500,000 views

[+9. -2] Let's surpass that, fighting!

[+0, -0] CLC releases full 'Hobgoblin' MV (original comment in English)

[+4, -5] Looking at the MV, even the clothes are completely Hyuna. If Hyuna had released this, it would've been so cool

Article: CLC Goblin, the transformation of girls is not sin but pleasure

[+13, -2] Wait... Why are you guys complaining about Cube that this concept is Hyuna's? Can the girl crush concept only be done by Hyuna and not CLC? If Hyuna drinks water can CLC not drink water? Stop with the bullshit and try creating these concepts and MVs yourself, is the Hyuna the only one who can do girl crush concept? Other girl groups try everything but CLC can only do cute concepts and it's not right to do girl crush and it doesn't match? They can get popular and if the song is good, it's all possible, so in the future, drop the crap about how it doesn't match and how it's not right and just view this type of concept well instead.

[+2, -2] Hyuna coached these girls a lot and it's really similar but the first time I heard it I went, Hm? But the more I heard it the more it grew on me. It's a good song.

[+2, -2] <3 <3 <3

[+1, -2] The makeup is really awkward but the MV is good and the song is catchy. There's a good possibility it will rise up on the charts.

[+5, -3] I couldn't understand anymore once I saw the MV. This is 4minute's style so why are they making a new 4minute? Cube is funny.

[+5, -5] Not only the song but the MV and concept are all 4minute-esque. The 4minute feeling is too strong.

[+4, -5] The song is trash but the kids are pretty. Please give Seunghee more parts.

[+8, -8] Wow, seriously what is this song? These girls don't match girl crush, Pepe and No oh oh era was good.

[+7, -8] It doesn't match, it would've matched Hyuna. Cube, stop being greedy.

Article: 'Comeback' CLC are female goblins, breakthrough transformation

[+21, -2] No matter how much 4minute has fallen out of trends, they still rank much higher on the charts and sell more albums than these kids. Why did they disband?

[+27, -8] Why break up 4minute if you were gonna make CLC come out with a girl crush concept in the end?

[+10, -3] Why are there so many of them?

[+6. -3] I don't even know who they are and this is supposed to be a comeback? If it's not a debut but a comeback then doesn't that mean they had activities before this?

[+3, -2] These girls could have been popular if 4minute were still here, why is Cube so biased? When WG came out, they supported Rain. When Miss A came out, they still supported WG. When Twice came out, they still supported Miss A. Without 4minute, how exactly will CLC make it alone? A Pink was taken by Loen and BEAST left too...

[+2, -2] Who?

[+7, -4] They look like ghosts

[+1, -2] The song's good

[+1, -3] Aigo...

{+12, -7] The members each have their own charms~ Especially Jang Seungyeon, who is not well known and ranked lowly within the group, is the dancing top out of girl groups~ Elkie and Kwon Eunbin who were added last year also have quite competitive visuals....

Are CLC's 20 fans too busy debating the song on these articles and forgetting to stream the song? Goblin debuts in Bubbling Under Top 100 Real Time Charts on 3 out of 7 major Korean music services (including Korea's top streaming site, Melon).

CLC also enters the top 10 on iTunes in Thailand! Congratulations girls!

What do you guys think about the fate of CLC and Cube in the future?

me @ Cube:

Sources: Naver (1, 2, 3), Twitter (@CLC_Pentagon, @Kpopchartsdata), translations by me :)

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