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Running Man's Member Week: Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook + Gary Coming Back for an Episode

Song Ji Hyo's Week:


Episode 333

They go on a winter trip to brought the members together, to accomplish it all of them are tied together and have to move wherever Song Ji Hyo wants to.
At the end, depending on how they do on the missions, some members can be saved and the others have to take an ice shower.

1st Part: Shepherd Running Man
They play a game of truth or lie and have to move sheeps while tied together.

2nd Part: Barbecue
The rest of the members have to buy Song Ji Hyo favourite ingredients for the barbecue. When they finish eating they do a speed quiz about Song Ji Hyo.

3rd Part: Campfire
- "I'm Sorry, I'm Thankful, I Love You": They go by partners and tell something they are sorry for, what they are thankful and end it saying they love each other. It's a really emotional part you shouldn't miss.

- "Great Minds Think Alike": The members have to guess what Song Ji Hyo is going to choose.

Results for the ice shower:
[And the ones that have to suffer the ice shower are...]Only two members randomly chosen by Son Ji Hyo have to do it. She chooses Haha and Yoo Jae Suk.

Kim Jong Kook's Week:


Episode 334

Running Man thinks that is time for Kim Jong Kook to get married so they plan a blind date for him. The problem is that how the date goes is going to depend on how good the members do on their missions. At the end his date will choose if to have another date after the show or to leave it in just a good memory.
[Basic information about the girl]Jeong So Young, 29 years old and accountant

1st Part: Transportation
He can pick up his date with a scooter, a van (with all the rest of Running Man's members on it), or a car.
Jong Kook has to move with his force a van with all the members to different distances depending on which mode of transporation he wants to use.

2nd Part: A Meal at a Romantic Restaurant
To choose the couple's menu the rest of Running Man members need to cross a mat full of paper cups with their eyes blinded without stepping on them. The menu options are: a steak and a Pikachu tonkatsu.

3rd Part: Night Date
To end the day the couple can go on a cruise or end up in a duck boat. To get the cruise Jong Kook has to get a toy from a claw machine.

Result of the blind date: [And the girl decided to...]Jeong So Yeon wants to have another date

[Gary will be appearing on Running Man again]
Gary will be appearing on “Running Man” again!

The artist is not returning for good, but he will be the heart of this episode. “Running Man” is currently in the midst of a “member’s race” project every week where each member is featured in a race based on one of their ideas or wishes. Ji Suk Jin will be featured in the next upcoming episode after Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook, and then it will be “Gary’s week.” More specific details on the race have stayed confidential.

“Running Man” producer Lee Hwan Jin confirmed this news, saying, “It is true that Gary will be making a special appearance. Since this is a confidential project and he is a surprise guest, please watch the broadcast to see what we have prepared.”

He also added, “I can tell you that there is a huge twist and secret.”

Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo, Lee Kwang Soo, and HaHa, have no idea that Gary will be temporarily returning, so this episode is a pleasant surprise for them.

Gary’s appearance on “Running Man” will air on January 29.

Source: kshowonline (2), Soompi, mydaily, sports chosun

I thought of starting to do posts every week or every two weeks to talk about Running Man until the show ends, anyone interested in them? I want to know if people really want it or if I should stop after this one.
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