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AOA’s Yuna To Continue Performing On Music Shows Despite Getting Injured

AOA’s Yuna refuses to halt her activities despite getting injured.

According to a music source, AOA’s Yuna tore a ligament in her right ankle after performing on stage for SBS’s “Inkigayo” on January 15. The singer was advised to rest for four weeks in order for the injury to completely heal, and she is currently wearing a cast. Because of her injury, Yuna was unable to participate in MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships,” which took place on January 16.

However, Yuna showcased her strong will to continue performing on stage. Despite wearing a cast, she performed with the other AOA members on MBC’s “Show Champion.” Her decision to continue performing is possibly due to the fact that it is AOA’s first studio album since their debut five years ago.

Yuna’s agency, FNC Entertainment, stated, “We suggested that she take a break while the remaining six members promote, but Yuna’s resolve to stand on stage was strong. Because she cannot do any extreme movements, she will be continuing to perform on stage while sitting on a chair.”

Hopefully she recovers soon!

AOA′s Yuna Suffers Ankle Injury After Performance

AOA′s Yuna has suffered an ankle injury after a performance.

On January 18, a representative of AOA′s agency FNC Entertainment revealed, "Yuna landed on her ankle wrong while walking down the stairs after a performance on SBS′ ′Inkigayo′ on January 15. As such, a ligament on Yuna′s right ankle was damaged and she was given a 4 week recovery time."

The representative also revealed that Yuna was unable to attend the recording for MBC′s Idol Star Athletics Championships on January 16 due to the injury.

However, Yuna will be making an appearance at the recording for MBC Music′s Show Champion on January 18.

The representative shared, "She currently has a cast on, but she insisted that she sing while sitting on a chair on stage. Yuna and the members are rehearsing for their stage on ′Show Champion."

Meanwhile, AOA released their 1st studio album Angel′s Knock on January 2 and are promoting double title tracks Excuse Me and Bing Bing.

Article: [Exclusive] AOA Yuna injures her ankle ligament... to get on stage in a cast
Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+203, -7] She can just rest... but of course it's FNC

2. [+146, -7] Let her rest you stupid FNC

3. [+94, -4] If she's in a cast, let her rest... why would you put her up on stage in a cast, FNC?

4. [+78, -6] Get better soon ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

5. [+14, -1] If she damaged her ligament, it's better that she takes a break...

6. [+11, -0] Find strength, Yuna-ya ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. [+13, -1] It's going to hurt fans even more to see her sitting on stage in a cast, just let her rest..

8. [+18, -3] Better for her to rest than to sit up on stage

9. [+16, -3] People give too much praise to idols who continue to work through their injuries that idols aren't able to rest even if they're injured or on the brink of fainting... For the sake of other idols, we shouldn't be supporting this type of behavior and telling them to take a break instead. Companies should know better too... Too bad this is a country where society demands that you work at your jobs no matter how hurt or exhausted you are.

10. [+8, -0] Sung Ho-ya, please let her rest

That's just dumb FNC, let the girl rest

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