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A Look into the Booming Domestic Market for K-Pop Goods + 10 Most Popular Artists on Marketplace App

Celebrity goods are emerging as popular items on mobile marketplace apps. These goods include products featuring the celebrity's face or group logo printed on cups, shirts, towels, bags, etc. Recently, products have expanded their scope to dolls (plushies) taking the form of the celebrity and accessories among other goods. According to the Lightning Marketplace app, the domestic market for goods is valued at approximately 10 billion won.

An analysis of the search words used by app-users in 2016 shows that the most actively-searched group was EXO, with 1,363,699 hits. In second place was BTS with 936,533 hits. These two groups accounted for 80% of the searches related to celebrity goods.

They are followed by Seventeen, BTOB, I.O.I, Twice, Darren Wang, Big Bang, iKON, and Infinite, in that order.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
1. EXO (1,363,699)
2. BTS (936,533)
3. Seventeen (280,917)
4. BTOB (92,220)
5. I.O.I (51,172)
6. Twice (43,201)
7. Darren Wang (35,525)
8. Big Bang (29,534)
9. iKON (16,084)
10. Infinite (13,125)

EXO dollsCollapse )

Source: Hankyung via Naver (+ translated by me), theqoo, justchen

Do you collect k-pop goods? Are k-pop dolls cute or creepy?
Tags: big bang, btob, bts, economics, exo, foreign celebrities, i.o.i, ikon, infinite, seventeen, twice

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