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Chen x Dynamic Duo to Collaborate for "Mixxxture" Project

EXO’s Chen will be joining forces with hip hop veterans Dynamic Duo!

On January 18, a source from Dynamic Duo’s agency, Amoeba Culture, revealed, “The first artist featured on our collaboration project “Mixxxture” with Loen Entertainment is EXO’s Chen. We plan to release the track in the middle of January.

Amoeba Culture and Loen Entertainment’s collaboration project “Mixxxture,” is a chance for artists and diverse cultural contents to come together to create new results. The three “Xs” in “Mixxxture” represent Amoeba Culture, Loen Entertainment, and a new encounter. The project has especially gained attention for the potential collaborations between a variety of artists along with the artists of Amoeba Culture participating as producers.

Meanwhile, the first artists to collaborate for the project are Dynamic Duo and EXO’s Chen.

Source: Naver via Soompi

2017 just keeps on giving.
Tags: amoeba culture, collaboration, dynamic duo, exo, loen entertainment

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