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MAMAMOO to Hold Second Solo Concert in March

Girl group MAMAMOO is holding their 2nd solo concert.

On March 3-5, MAMAMOO will meet their fans through their solo soncert 2017 MAMAMOO Concert MOOSICAL Curtain Call at the Olympic Hall located in the Olympic Park.

The upcoming concert comes only 8 months since MAMAMOO′s first solo concert, which was held in August of last year. As a girl group, it is rare to hold solo concerts within this span of time.

The concert 2017 MAMAMOO Concert MOOSICAL Curtain Call will be an upgraded version of MAMAMOO′s first concert. MAMAMOO plans to fill the stage with a wide range of performances, a live band and their energetic presence. The concert will especially be unique as it will have the theme of a musical.

Additionally, MAMAMOO wants to take this opportunity to thank their fans for their support and produce a concert that fans can relate to.

Meanwhile, all eyes are on ticket sales for the 2017 MAMAMOO Concert MOOSICAL Curtain Call as MAMAMOO had previously sold out of tickets for their concert within 1 minute.

My little babies... they need some rest though

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