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K-MUCH to Make Their Comeback Through Makestar Project "K-MUCH Renewal"

K-MUCH, best known throughout the K-POP world as Crayon Pop's brother group, has followed their sisters' footsteps and launched their very own Makestar project!

kiu honestly do you mind

Titled "K-MUCH Renewal", the project promises to use their fans input in every aspect of their upcoming comeback, proving that they truly care about their fandom more than anything else.

"For K-MUCH nothing means more to them than connecting with the fans

      Under the name the fans want,
      With the concept the fans want,
      In the image the fans want."

All prices shown are in USD.

sources: makestar @ youtube / k-much renewal project @ makestar / editorializing by me

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(answer: yes, i was right)

im fucking SCREAMING @ an overnight camping trip with the boys?????? rip me i would literally die and i am DEF doing it if i have money 
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