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what has lay been up to lately? (image heavy)

In the past few weeks EXO were busy af collecting daesangs left and right at the year-end award shows. However many viewers noticed that one particular member was always absent, making them wonder if EXO secretly got rid of another traitor and began 2017 with a new episode of #exodus. Unfortunately Thats not the case and Lay is still working part-time as a member of EXO. Dude was simply too busy to give no facks attend all these award shows and continued to slay China instead, for example...

Getting drunk & promoting his new movie "Kung Fu Yoga" with Jackie Chan - Jan 19th

With KFY cast @ press con

(i have no idea what they're doing here)

Getting checked out by his co-star (jk she gave him the mic)

cutie😊 pic.twitter.com/D1oiKX911L

— ㄴㅈ124 (@namja1to4) January 19, 2017

Translating for his co-star #bilingualangel

yixing was translating for amy dastur throughout the press con ^^ pic.twitter.com/zEvJ3ovBA9

— chanel (@lyuanz) January 19, 2017

Sippin wine with Jackie Chan #whenwillyourfaves

170119 Jackie Chan Official Fanclub Weibo: "older brother & Yixing here to send a toast to everyone." #Lay #Yixing #张艺兴 #레이 #レイ #KungFuYoga pic.twitter.com/SBry6SsViV

— ◆兴吧 XingPark◆ (@XingPark) January 19, 2017

170119 忘了0509 (a China Central TV director) weibo update: Yixing got up & followed Jackie Chan to thank every single table at the restaurant pic.twitter.com/7v9rxsV1zv

— RJ (@layshands) January 19, 2017

Looking hot as fuck while sippin wine (pics were apparently taken with a potato)

Taking drunk pictures with his co-star & immitating we chat emoticons

Getting over his hangover the next morning

Looks to the left ↝ looks to the right ↝ plops down 💤 cuuuuuuute
Cr: Memory-YiNing pic.twitter.com/upcj0Sz8Po

— RJ (@layshands) January 20, 2017

Getting dat money while advertising stuff

170119 Chushou TV Weibo Update: Yixing's Chushou TV CF #Lay #Yixing #张艺兴 #레이 #レイ pic.twitter.com/q2YrfQsrbb

— ◆兴吧 XingPark◆ (@XingPark) January 19, 2017

170120 Chushou TV Weibo Update: Yixing's Chushou TV CF #Lay #Yixing #张艺兴 #레이 #レイ pic.twitter.com/fpCK9t7AWC

— ◆兴吧 XingPark◆ (@XingPark) January 20, 2017

Celebrating the 5th anniversary since his debut teaser was released - Jan 17th

Flying back & forth to film "Operation Love" since Nov

Thanking his fans for making him best selling solo artist in korean history
Lose Control sold 274,238 copies on Gaon #againwhenwillyourfaves

Slaying @ DFTV New Year Countdown and getting NAKEEEEEEEED. IN THE RAIN.

Warm up before the show

Performing "What U Need" & "Lose Control"

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my husband thanks you for your time!

edit: looks like the embed twitter videos dont show up so you have to click on the link to watch them, sorry 😭
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