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gossip post! entertainment reporter spills tea about some of our faves

A few days ago, BANNED SOURCE posted an article about an entertainment insider who spilled the deets about our faves. Since no other english speaking site has translated the original post yet and BANNED SOURCE is well, banned, i messaged shinychopstick (known for exposing the fake netizen comments that the now banned user flopday posted in the now deleted CLC post) and asked for help. I really wanted to get this post up because i know how much OMONA loves gossip but I don't speak korean. #flop

shinychopstick tried her best to translate the original rumors but some of them contained slang words that she did not know so this is not a 100% perfect translation. Feel free to drop your interpretation of the rumors in the comments.

So without further ado, here's the tea:

마마무2명 방탄1명 애인있음
2 members of Mamamoo, 1 member of BTS are in relationships.

정채연 착하고 귀엽다고 트와이스 걸그룹중 최단정산 아직까진 편가르기없이 착함
Jung Chaeyeon is nice and cute.
Within Twice, taking into account the short period of time, still undividedly kind.

인성좋고 호감인 연옌: 방탄,전효성,정채연,고아라,부산행정유미,강동원,유주엄지, 서강준,ㄱㅅㄹ제외 아역배우들,푼수현,이해인 등
Celebrities with nice and likable personalities:
BTS, Jeon Hyosung, Jung Chaeyeon, Go Ara, Train to Busan’s Jung Yumi, Kang Dongwon, Yuju & Umji, Seo Kangjoon, excluding (initials) K.S.L/R. child actors, (Poon?) Suhyun, Lee Haein, etc.

노홍철 무도 합류함 까칠하다고 함
Regarding the issue of re-joining Infinity Challenge, Noh Hongchul is frustrated(?).

원더걸스 재계약 안 함
Wonder Girls did not renew their contracts.

aoa 불화설 살짝 있음
There is a bit of discord in AOA.

티아라 왕따아님 류화영이 나쁜년
T-ara did not bully Ryu Hwayoung, she is a bitch.

개그맨들 실제론 좀 까칠함
Gagmen in actuality are a little frustrated/temperamental(?).

공유 김고은 까칠함
Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun frustrated/grumpy/temperamental(?).

전지현 한예슬 별로
Jun Ji Hyun and Han Ye Seul do not really like each other.

남주혁 이성경도 좀 그렇다캄
Nam Joo Hyuk, Lee Sung Kyung too are a bit like that.

여자친구는 신인같지가않다캄 한명이 물흐리고 유주랑 엄지는착함
In GFriend, one member doesn’t act like a rookie (bad attitude?) and Yuji and Umji are kind.

아이오아이 다이아 우주소녀 구구단 문제로 회사간, 멤버간 마찰있음 물흐리는 멤버1명있는데 노코멘트
I.O.I., DIA, WJSN, Gugudan’s problem is friction in company and members.
One member with a bad attitude but no comment.

ioi에선 센터급으로 잘해주는데 자기그룹가면 쩌리라고 투정대는 찡찡이 1명있다고 함
There is a person who, in I.O.I., does well in the center class, but in own group complains about 쩌리(?).

시크릿 송지은,징거vs한선화 결국 적자라고 함
Secret Song Jieun, Zinger vs. Han Sunhwa in the end deficit.

전효성은 열심
Jun Hyosung diligent.

아이린은 소극적이라함 방송보이는 그대론듯
Irene is as passive as she appears on broadcasts.

예리는 정반대 활발
Yeri in contrast is lively.

이병헌 여자많음 지창욱 작품마다 여배우랑 사귄다고 함80%는
Lee Byunghun has a lot of women, Ji Chang Wook is said to date co-actresses 80% of time in every piece of work.

이휘재 별로 유아인도 별로
Lee Hwi Jae not really, Yoo Ah In too not really.

양현석이 sm에 열등감이 있다고 함 이수만이 회장님이라 불리니 자기 별명인 양싸를 못 부르게 함
Yang Hyun Suk has a sense of inferiority towards SM. Lee Soo Man is called the chairman but can’t call own nickname ‘Yang-ssa’.

sm팸콘때 yg팸콘을 급하게 같은날에 잡았는데 sm은 꽉터졌고 yg가 덜 차서 언론에 보내지 말라고 함
During SM family concert, YG family concert quickly grabbed the same day but SM tightly burst and YG in a less orderly fashion didn’t leak it to the press.

jyp가 수지를 매우아껴서 재계약할거고 민이는 안할거같대
JYP really values Suzy and she will renew but it doesn’t seem like Min will renew her contract.

조권가인 안사겻고 가인주지훈 헤어진건지?기자 반응보면 바람난거같기도하고 암튼 리액션을 애매하게함
Gain - Joo Ji Hoon brok up? When looking at reporter’s reactions, it seems like there was infidelity, but anyway the reaction was vague.

일급비밀 경하는 너무 빼박이라 함
Top secret congratulations very bbaebak(?). (baeby_bloo_skys and other members pointed out that this is most likely about the rookie group TOP SECRET. "it seems like a woman/girl has recently come out and claimed that kyungha from rookie group top secret sexually assaulted her in the past. the group's management made a fb statement denying it (of course), but the rumor here seems to be that it's a sure thing.")

edit: someone over at onehallyu translated the instiz post as well, her translations are slightly different
[hot tea]
- 2 members of Mamamoo are dating, 1 member of BTS is dating.

- WG will not re-sign with JYPE.

- IOI, DIA, WJSN, Gugudan have some problems between their companies and members. There's 1 member who's bitchy, no comment

- Someone (1 person) who's treated very well and is center-level in IOI is sidelined in her own group (not made the center always) and is complaining about it

- AOA members are in a discord.

- Noh Hong Chul will go back to "Infinite Challenge".

- Suzy will re-sign with JYPE while Min will leave JYPE.

- Lee Byung Hun had sex with a lot of women and Ji Chang Wook dated 80% of his costars

- T-ara didn't bully Hwayoung Hwayoung has a bad personality.

-Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung are dating Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung are soso/dislikeable in real life

- Celebrities with good personalities: BTS, Jun Hyosung, Jung Chaeyeon, Go Ara, Actress Jung Yumi, Kang Dong Won, GFriend's Umji and Yuju, Seo Kang Joon, child actors except Kim Sae Ron, P101 Lee Haein and Soohyun

- Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun are prickly in real life

- Jeon Ji Hyun and Han Ye Seul dislike each other

- GFriend has lost their rookie spirit except for Yuju and Umji

- SM planned a family concert and YG urgently planned one on the same day but SM's was sold out and YG's was not so YG told the media to not hype it. [NB: proofs page 13]

- Since Lee Soo Man is called hwejangnim (chairman-nim), Yg doesn't let people call him by his nickname, Yangsa (yang president shortened form, in english its like Pres Yang), due to his inferiority complex.

- Secret members' discord with Han Sunhwa is finally settled

- Twice is shaking up the Korean music industry, no one expected them to so well in such a short time

- Comedians are prickly in real life

- Hyosung is hardworking

- Irene is passive and introverted, her character is the same as what you see on the screen. Yeri is the opposite, she's very bright.

- Lee Hwi Jae and Yoo Ah In are so-so/unlikeable

- Jokwon and Ga In never dated. Reporters are not sure whether Ga In and Joo Ji Hoon have broken up or not or if one of them cheated, anyways, it is ambiguous.

source: instiz, onehallyu

translated by: shinychopstick (show her some love!!!)

Tags: aoa, bts, ga in, gfriend, i.o.i, ji chang wook, jung chaeyeon, lee byung-hun, mamamoo, red velvet, rumour, secret, t-ara, twice, wonder girls

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