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gossip post! entertainment reporter spills tea about some of our faves

A few days ago, BANNED SOURCE posted an article about an entertainment insider who spilled the deets about our faves. Since no other english speaking site has translated the original post yet and BANNED SOURCE is well, banned, i messaged shinychopstick (known for exposing the fake netizen comments that the now banned user flopday posted in the now deleted CLC post) and asked for help. I really wanted to get this post up because i know how much OMONA loves gossip but I don't speak korean. #flop

shinychopstick tried her best to translate the original rumors but some of them contained slang words that she did not know so this is not a 100% perfect translation. Feel free to drop your interpretation of the rumors in the comments.

So without further ado, here's the tea:

마마무2명 방탄1명 애인있음
2 members of Mamamoo, 1 member of BTS are in relationships.

정채연 착하고 귀엽다고 트와이스 걸그룹중 최단정산 아직까진 편가르기없이 착함
Jung Chaeyeon is nice and cute.
Within Twice, taking into account the short period of time, still undividedly kind.

인성좋고 호감인 연옌: 방탄,전효성,정채연,고아라,부산행정유미,강동원,유주엄지, 서강준,ㄱㅅㄹ제외 아역배우들,푼수현,이해인 등
Celebrities with nice and likable personalities:
BTS, Jeon Hyosung, Jung Chaeyeon, Go Ara, Train to Busan’s Jung Yumi, Kang Dongwon, Yuju & Umji, Seo Kangjoon, excluding (initials) K.S.L/R. child actors, (Poon?) Suhyun, Lee Haein, etc.

노홍철 무도 합류함 까칠하다고 함
Regarding the issue of re-joining Infinity Challenge, Noh Hongchul is frustrated(?).
more teaCollapse )
edit: different translation from onehallyuCollapse )

source: instiz, onehallyu

translated by: shinychopstick (show her some love!!!)

Tags: aoa, bts, ga in, gfriend, i.o.i, ji chang wook, jung chaeyeon, lee byung-hun, mamamoo, red velvet, rumour, secret, t-ara, twice, wonder girls

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