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CLC - '도깨비 (Hobgoblin)' Comeback Stage on Inkigayo! 😈

[😈 #CLCGoblinLook 😈]
[#CLCGoblinLook] Introducing Today's #CLC
WHEN? 2017-01-22
WHERE? #Inkigayo
POINT? #BOSS #blingbling 😈
Details that hard to see clearly on TV 🔍

Seungyeon's Fancafe Post

[😈 CUBEs 96-liners! 💐]😈 CUBEs 96-liners! 💐

Cube 96-line gathered !!!!!
#PENTAGON came to the waiting room to greet #CLC 😈💐
CLC senior pose (wow)

[tweet trans]

CUBE's rising Visual line?! What happened in this 96-line 😚
'Pretty Pretty' and 'Hobgoblin', Fighting 💐😈

[😈 Seunghee & Wooseok 💐]😈 Seunghee & Wooseok 💐

Seunghee: There are many people saying I look alike with Wooseok so we took a pic

[😈 Long Legs Line 💐]😈 Long Legs Line 💐

Eunbin: Since we have 96L and Seunghee x Wooseok lookalike pics up... there's no way we are left out!! (Shinwon oppa asked why don't we upload ours...)

Eunbin: We were the original Cube siblings!! The long legs line

Source: SBS Inkigayo | @CUBECLC 1 2 | @CLC_Intl 1 2 3 4 5 | @CUBE_PTG | @amazing_ptg | @MrsDooB2uty 1 2

Seunghee's whole look today is so nice! brb going out to buy glitter!
Also loving Seungyeon's glossy lids, Yeeun and Sorn's lipstick, and Elkie's daring bare shoulders.

Sadly this brings us to the end of CLC's comeback week. I'll miss the makeup talk in the comments.. What were your fave outfits and makeup looks, Omona?

Edited to add more CLC x PENTAGON pics! They're all so cute! <33
Tags: clc, comebacks, inkigayo, pentagon

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