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"CL says" - Exclusive Interview

“I miss you and want to see you.”

The lyrics were written in tears. 2NE1’s CL cried while writing the lyrics of the group’s last song. It is a letter to MINZY, who left the group last year, and to their fans.

2NE1 sent a courteous farewell to their fans by releasing a new single titled “GOODBYE” on January 21. 2NE1 announced its disbandment in November last year, and “GOODBYE” will be 2NE1’s last new song. It is a song to console their heartbroken fans.

We wanted to know what was in the mind of 2NE1 members when they were writing the lyrics. We succeeded in calling CL on January 21 and hear about how much she loved being in 2NE1 during the last seven years. CL said that she will keep fit so that they can reunite after 20 years. We can see that she chose her words very carefully.

- How have you been?
“I’m just glad that my US tour last year ended in success. Right now, I’m working on my US solo album.”

- 2NE1 has released its last song.
“We didn’t get to say goodbye properly when our disbandment was announced last year. Mr. Yang gave us a chance to say goodbye to our fans. I just hope that our fans get to know how we feel.”

- How did you get to release the song?
“The song was made a while ago. After MINY left, the three of us were preparing to release an album. We made the song as a letter to MINZY. I changed the lyrics so that it becomes a letter to MINZY and to our fans.”

- How long did it take to make changes?
“I act fast when given a task, so it didn’t take long.”

- It must have been painful for you to see 2NE1 disband after seven years.
“I’m very sad. I’ve known the members for ten years now. We have a lot of good memories and did many things together. I will miss them very much. We each have our dreams, and so does MINZY. I’m sad, but I’m sure MINZY had a good reason. I hope the best for all of us.”

- You must be sad that the remaining three members didn’t get to release an album.
“We’re all are sad. There are things that just don’t work out the way you want them to.”

- How far did you get in making the album?
“We were all set, but “GOODBYE” was the only song that we actually recorded.”

- The music video features pictures of 2NE1 in the early days.
“I realized that I’ve spent a lot of time and made many memories doing 2NE1.”

- Did you cry when you heard 2NE1 was going to be disbanded?
“This may not make any sense, but I still can’t believe it. We used to be together all the time for a long time. It still feels unreal to me.”

- What happened?
“After MINZY left YG, Mr. Yang wanted the remaining three to release an album. So, I stopped making my solo album and got ready to release the 2NE1 ALBUM. I really wanted this to happen, but something happened that made it all fall apart.”

- You posted a picture of all 2NE1 members together on your SNS page a week ago.
“I was cleaning my room, and I found the picture. It was taken when we were rehearsing for our MAMA performance in 2015. 2NE1’s last song was going to be released a week later. I wanted to share how I felt at that time with our fans.”

- How well do you think “GOODBYE” will do on the charts?
“It’ll be nice if the song did well on the charts. The song conveys our sincere feelings, and I hope that someone will be able to feel it. This song is like a letter.”

- Did you decide to write the lyrics right after listening to the melody?
“I heard the melody when I came back to Korea to make the new 2NE1 album. Words just popped up in my head as soon as I heard the music. I cried at that time. The lyrics were written in tears.”

CL Says She Wants 2NE1 to Reunite After 20 Years Like S.E.S so She’ll Have to Keep Fit

- You’ve gone solo now. Do you feel lonely?
“It’s been two years since I started preparing for my US solo album. I went through a lot in the US, and it was hard at times.”

- So what did you do during the last two years?
“Mr. Yang helped a lot, but I had to work with a lot of teams and go through a lot. When I first joined YG, I was a trainee for two and a half years. During that time, I learned who I am as an musician and learned how Korea’s music industry works. And, I’ve spent two years for my US debut. I think that the two years were my training period. I’m a rookie in the US. I’ve learned how an album is made in the US and how musicians communicate with the public.”

- You were already a member of a star group in Korea, and suddenly you announced your solo US debut. How was that for you?
“It was awkward because I already had fans in the US. I did feel a lot of pressure. I was worried that fans might forget about me if I’m gone for too long. So I released “HELLO BITCHES” and “LIFTED”. Mr. Yang was a big help in Korea, and in the US, Scooter Braun made arrangements for me to appear on TV shows. I’ve got a lot of help from these two. I haven’t debuted officially yet, but I’m really thankful to them. I really want to debut officially this year and release an album. I hope that fans will be able to wait for me. I’ll make it up to the fans with a good album.”

- You’ve already done many things in the US.
“I don’t want people to think that way. I haven’t even started yet. I’m still a trainee.”

- What have you been focusing on during the past two years for your US debut?
“Pop in Korea and pop in the US are very different. I’ve spent the past ten years doing the music I like. The past two years was a time for me to learn about pop in the US, what people like, and what kind of music I want to do. I want my album to have a message, and so I thought about the message I want to convey. I’m happy I was able to find the answers to these questions during the past two years. I can’t wait for the fans to listen to my album.”

- How did you find the answers?
“I just realized as time went by. I wanted to release an album right away, but it can’t be done alone. I did many things. I listened to a lot of music, met a lot of people, and went through a lot of failures.”

- What kind of failures?
“Failures about things. What I think is right is not always right. I’ve learned a lot from this. I’ve got to think a lot during the past two years, and I’m thankful that I’m getting a lot of help from people.”

- Why did you want to debut in the US?
“It was my dream. When I auditioned for YG, I gave a demo tape to Mr. Yang. I remember telling him that my dream was to become a pop star in the US. I was 15 then. I’ve listened to a lot of pop songs since I was a child thanks to my dad. Pop had the biggest influence on my music. I grew up listening to pop and dreamt about becoming a singer and a singer in the US at that.”

- Your first single “LIFTED” did well on the charts. It entered Billboard’s Hot 100.
“I’m thankful because it wasn’t a song in an official album. I’m practically a trainee, but I got to release a song. Mr. Yang really helped me out a lot.”

- What is Mr. Yang to you?
“He’s like a dad to me, but I don’t get to see him often. There are a lot of guys in YG. So, I didn’t get the chance to really become close to him. But when I have an idea or if there is something that I really want to do, he listens to me and gives me the chance to do what I want. He really backs me up.”

- He said during an interview that 2NE1 may reunite after some time like S.E.S.
“I see it happening too. Of course, all four of us have to agree, and the conditions have to be right too. I would be really happy if this happens someday.”

- Will we be able to see a four-member 2NE1 after maybe 20 years?
“I’ll have to keep fit to sing ‘FIRE’ in 20 years time. As you all know, our songs are hard to sing live. Our dances are fierce too. I’ll be getting ready for that time.”

CL Says Her Nickname is “newborn baby” and that She Puts on Heavy Makeup to Look Pretty

- You do mostly hip hop music. Is there another genre that you would like to explore?
“Hip hop is YG’s signature music genre. I listened to a lot of hip hop music when I was growing up. I think hip hop runs in me. Now, I’m trying out the pop genre. I think this may come across as something new to the fans.”

- Are you going to make changes to you fierce style?
“I’ll keep my fierce image. That is who I am. I’ve done a lot of genre as 2NE1. Even acoustic music. I don’t think I’ll be doing “THE BADDES FEMALE” kind of music all the time.”

- How did other member react when you decided to go solo in the US?
“They always support me. DARA is a big fan of CL (laughter). She even came to New York to come and monitor my concert.”

- Does she tell you what you need to work on?
“She has never said anything bad until now (laughter). She only congratulates me.”

- Any touching words from her?
“We don’t get to meet often. DARA came to see me during my US tour, and BOM sent a text. That was touching. And, we’re too close to say those things.”

- BLACKPINK debuted, and they are referred to as the next 2NE1.
“Seeing them reminds me of our old days. We used to work hard just like them.”

- Do you sometimes give advices?
“I’m not in a place to give advices. I’ve got things of my own to do.”

- How do you feel when people call BLACKPINK as the next 2NE1?
“When 2NE1 debuted, people called us the next BIGBANG. It’s only natural as we are on the same label. It means that we were that big of a group, so it doesn’t make me feel bad. And, 2NE1 and BLACKPINK have very different styles.”

- You have a fierce image. What are you like in person?
“I’m not wild or anything. I just go wild on the stage. The most important thing is to have a concept that matches the music. I only put on heavy makeup because I want to look pretty (laughter).”

- So there is no chance that you would one day go for a pure and innocent image?
“I don’t have double eyelids, so my nickname is ‘newborn baby’. I like looking pure and innocent. But the music I like doesn’t go with pure and innocent. You can’t really see me singing ‘FIRE’ in a frilly dress, can you (laughter)?”

- When will you release an album in Korea?
“I really miss my Korean fans. If possible, I want to release albums and do promotions in Korea and the US at the same time. I don’t intend to do music only in the US. That doesn’t mean I’ll only go back to Korea if I don’t get to release an album in the US. This is why I did a lot of pictorials these past two years. I wanted to communicate with my Korean fans through pictorials.”

- Do you have plans to do collaborations with DARA?
“That didn’t really cross my mind yet. I’ll think about it.”

- Do you want to say a word to your fan club Blackjack?
“’GOODBYE’ contains what we want to say to our fans. I just want them to know that 2NE1 is not gone. We’ll each be doing our thing. I’d like to thank our fans for their support. I really mean it.”

- Is there something that you want to say for the last time as the leader of 2NE1?
“I’d like to thank you our fans for their support. We have a lot of good memories thanks to our fans. Your love will give us strength to go on as solo musicians. I’ve got here and had fellow members thanks to 2NE1. The fact that we were all part of 2NE1 will always remain. We’ll each do our best hoping that, in 20 years time, we would be able to bring good news to our fans.”

- What is your ultimate goal?
“I’m interested in fashion as well as in music. But now, I want to focus on my album. Of course, I find many things fun, but I want to go on stage with good music. That is what I’m good at and what makes me happy. My goal is to work hard to show my fans what I’m good at.”

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