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WJSN Mei Qi + Uniq Sungjoo & Yixuan filming for Step Up 6

Lionsgate is developing dance drama “Step Up 6” as a Chinese-language movie, partnering with Infinity Pictures/CMC and Yue Hua Entertainment Culture Communication.

The first five “Step Up” films grossed more than $600 million at the global box office. The new film will only be distributed in a Chinese-language version.

[More Film Info + Poster]“Step Up 6,” directed by Ron Yuan, will begin shooting with an all-Chinese cast in Beijing and Los Angeles on Dec. 9, with a release slated for next year. Yuan has a martial arts background as an action choreographer, stunt coordinator, and second unit director.

“Step Up 6” is produced by Dede Nickerson (“Kill Bill Vol. I & II,” “Shaolin Soccer”) and Du Hua.

“The ‘Step Up’ franchise is celebrating its 10th anniversary stronger than ever,” said Lionsgate Motion Picture Group chairman Patrick Wachsberger and Motion Picture Group co-president Erik Feig. “We’re proud to partner with Infinity and Yue Hua Entertainment on the next exciting chapter of a dance phenomenon that continues to grow in popularity around the world.

“‘Step Up’ 3, 4 & 5 conquered Asian audiences at the box office and, with the incredibly talented filmmaker Ron Yuan, a remarkable cast, spectacular dancing and a story line that combines dance with martial arts, ‘Step Up 6’ is poised to become a major motion picture event for Chinese audiences.”

[So Many Photos]

[Videos Incl Dance Practises & One-Handed Rubiks Cube Solving]

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I realised from my last WJSN post that this never got posted on here. I think they're all dance crew members, rather than leads. Apparently Yibo practised/auditioned(?), but didn't end up filming.

What's your favourite Step Up, Omona?
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