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The Return of Superman Ep 165

[The Moments Shine Brighter When We are Together] Donggook decides to make lemon syrup and grapefruit syrup to protect the kids from getting cold. Seoeon and Seojun go and buy meat for dinner themselves. Rohee prepares snacks to welcome her new friends at her place. Soeul and Daeul prepare Christmas gifts for everyone who is involved in The Return of Superman.

Taeyoung invites over Park Gwanghyun and Dongho! Dongho really does look like he's in uniform, he looks younger than I remembered. But he's doing well! And I couldn't stop laughing as Gwanghyun kept pulling stuff from his bags. The second half of the show features the families backstage at the KBS Entertainment Awards. Daebak giving out hugs and kisses to all the girl groups lol!

KBS World TV
Tags: return of superman

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