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News and rumours about tvn's upcoming drama "Bride of the Water God 2017".

Misaeng writer returns with new fantasy manhwa adaptation
On June 28 (2016), tvN revealed that drama spinoff for Korean manhwa “Bride of the Water God” will be entering productions toward the end of this year. Jung Yoon Jung, the writer of the hit drama “Incomplete Life” (aka Misaeng) will be penning this adaptation, which will be bringing the characters and the classic fantasy element of the original work to modern-day Seoul.

CEO Kim Mi Na of the production company working with “Bride of the Water God” said, “Currently, Jung Yoon Jung has written four episodes, and we will soon be making decisions on the director and supporting cast. In order to maximize the quality of the drama, we will be pre-producing the drama.”

The manhwa “Bride of the Water God” is a fantasy romance serial that tells the story of the water god Ha Baek and a human, which was published for 10 years in the magazine Wink. This manhwa is also the first Korean romance manhwa to be published as a book in nine countries around the world, including Russia and Hungary.
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Nam Joo-hyuk is being offered lead in tvN's new drama 'Bride of the Water God'
Quite a good news for Nam Joo-hyuk's fans. The actor has been reportedly offered the lead role in a tvN drama project named 'Bride of the Water God 2017'. Though he is not yet been confirmed cable station tvN did confirm that the lead role has been offered to him.

The story of the tvN new drama is all set in a fantasy world. According to the reports, the story is of a village where the inhabitants sacrifice young women to water God because the village has been plagued by many years of drought.

One of the young women sacrificed becomes his bride, and complications start. Well, the drama is is said to be a spinoff version and is not a direct remake. The plan is to keep the characters original and rework on the setting mainly to a modern one. It is to be set in Seoul.

Presently, Nam Joo-hyuk is doing wonderfully at the MBC's Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju. The actor plays the character in a funny and devoted way. But it is pretty surprising to hear Nam Joo-hyuk being considered as the potential lead for a huge project like this. The main reason being he is still very young in age as well as in experience. In fact, he debuted as a model just a few years back in 2013 and debuted as an actor in 2014 with Surplus Princess.

Nam Joo-hyuk is seen playing boyish and sweet characters, it will definitely be a huge break for the actor but how good he would be in his performance that can only be known after he confirms it and the drama starts to air. Till then fans can imagine whether he'll be able to take the drama to a new height or not. Bride of the Water God will be airing on tvN, but it has not yet been scheduled.
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‘Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo’ actor Nam Joo Hyuk denies accepting lead role for an upcoming drama series
Reports claiming that Nam Joo Hyuk has accepted the lead role for "Bride of the Water God" have been denied by the Korean actor-model through his agency, YG Entertainment.

According to Korea Herald, the label admitted Nam Joo Hyuk was offered to play the lead role for the upcoming drama series; however, YG Entertainment added the actor has yet to give his final decision on the matter.

"It is true that Nam Joo Hyuk received an offer to play the male lead of the drama, but nothing has been confirmed yet," the agency saind.
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Moon Chae Won In Talks For Drama Adaptation Of “Bride of the Water God”
Moon Chae Won is in talks for the female lead role in tvN’s upcoming drama “Bride of the Water God” (literal translation).

A source from Moon Chae Won’s agency, Namoo Actors, explained, “She has received an offer to star in the drama, but we are still looking over it. It is not confirmed yet.”

“Bride of the Water God” is a fantasy romantic comedy spin-off of the original manhwa of the same name. The writer of “Incomplete Life” and the producer of “Nine: 9 Times Time Travel” and “The Three Musketeers” have joined hands for the drama adaptation.

It was previously revealed that Nam Joo Hyuk also received an offer to star in the drama but is not confirmed yet.
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Will Moon Chae Won and Nam Joo Hyuk accept offers for "Bride of the Water God"?
The manwha "Bride of the Water God" tells the story of a village that is suffering from a long, devastating drought. To appease the God, they sacrifice a young girl to become his bride. The manwha was published between 2006-2014 (although is still being published in English). The drama based on the manwha will be set in modern Seoul, and will be a romantic comedy with fantasy elements.

However, both Nam Joo Hyuk and Moon Chae Won who have been offered the lead roles have still not decided if they will take the offers, as both companies have announced that although they have recieved the offer, nothing has been decided as of yet.

Sources: Soompi (1, 2), IBTimes, asiastarz, Naver, Insight, EToday

Tbh, this sounds like a mess, and the description on Wiki isn't very promising, especially since this lead character is supposed to be a child by day and an adult by night?? I'd love to hear what fans of the manwha think though.
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