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So what is the truth?

The many translations of Jae's comment

김재중은 “자기들은 연애하고 결혼하고 출산 다 하면서 나는 하지 말라는 게 말이 되냐”며 “출산율도 낮은 상황에서 나한테 미안해하지 말고 결혼하고 아이를 많이 낳아라. 지금 콘서트장에 온 남성팬들과 공연이 늦게 끝나면 함께 있어도 좋다”고 말했다.‬
Kim Jaejoong said: “you guys date and get married and have children you guys do everything but tell me not to do it, does this make sense ~ birth rates are low, don’t feel sorry towards me, get married and have lots of children ~ in the concert venue there are male fans and if the concert ends late it’ll be good even if y’all be together”

(T/N: and yes i’m fluent in korean)

Translation 2

Another Audio Translation:

Jaejoong: ‪not everyone does that but when you guys look at me, y’all say “don’t get married”…but
(fans: ahsjdkd)
Jaejoong: what ? not to do it ?
(fans: yes!!)
Jaejoong: ahhhh you guys all date though ~ but what’s funny is you guys date and all (fans: no we don’t !!)
Jaejoong: here listen listen ~ when i do fansigns/ fan meetings, fans say “oppa i’ve been a fan since 10 years ago~” then i say “ah really ?” “(fans) but i got married~”
(fans laugh)
Jaejoong: why are you like this….. during the past 10 years y’all got married and had lots of children and lived well, thats right i rather that happen.
not long ago the number of students in our country just came out, but it was a lot less. (i can’t explain this very well) so….birth rates are low. it’s something bad all of you contributed to.
so everyone, you guys do not have to feel bad towards me and not get married; just go get married, get married. then come with your husbands to the concert . if that’s should i do a 4 day concert ? when you have children , come to the concert ~ then i’ll probably do a 8 day concert? if that’s so just have children~ you don’t have to be sorry to me~ just have children~
in the past you know there are cases whereby while dating some people had children by mistake and got married . nowadays these cases are quite welcomed (t/n: i think he means individuals are no longer being judged by society anymore for having children before marriage) and it’s a blessing~
(fans: ehhhh~)
Jaejoong: it’s not ? the people who are saying “ehhhh~” are the ones who don’t have boyfriends….that’s right…..when i see the concert venue now, there are a lot of male fans. i saw handsome male fans too? take them~ the concert will end late so….(fans screaming)
Jaejoong: oh ? think about the car breaking down and since this venue is near a college….that…there’s a lot of that nearby right ?
(fans laughing hard)
Jaejoong: i’m sorry~ i (OP can’t hear and neither can i fml) i’m sorry to all reporters. i’m just worrying about our country’s low birth rates. i’m a good person….birth rates must increase so many people can serve in the army….i’m sorry… i’m really sorry…ah yes.‬

We need omona PI team to get on this.
I have more faith in shinychopstick than netizenbuzz or jyj3

chosun, jyj3, booming system, earthna30, netizenbuzz, onehallyu, Joongang Ilbo via Nate
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